What is Hot Yoga?

It’s a series of 26 postures delivered in a heated room from 30-35 temperature.

What are the benefits?

  • To gain strength and flexibility .
  • To help the detoxcifation of the liver and lungs.
  • To increase heart rate for healthy arteries and veins.
  • Helps build the immune system

What do I bring with me?

  • A towel and some water (items available to rent)
  • Something to wear after to keep you warm
  • Enthusiasm and the right attitude to listen to instruction and work as a team.

What do I wear?

Something light as you sweat your clothes will absorb and become heavy

It does get hot so you will need little clothing.

Shorts, t shirt or vest.

Things to consider

  • Hydration before and after class
  • Proper fuel to give you enough energy to carry out the challenging posture. No food for up tot two hours before
  • If you start to practise more than 3 times per week please talk to us about electrolytes

Dangers if to not to listen to instructions

  • Over stretch
  • Over heat
  • Competing
  • Students who are under 16 or pregnant and have no yoga experience will not be able to attend classes.
  • Advise in class
  • No talking
  • Arrive early as no late arrival will be able to enter class
  • You can leave class but can not re enter
  • Listen to instruction
  • Do not compete. Hat works for you body my not be good for your neighbour
  • Do not wipe the sweat as it helps you cool down
  • Drink as often as you need
  • If you feel light headed or sick lay down
  • Any injuries must be made aware to the teacher.
  • Any problems at all take time to talk to instructor.