Sebastien Carincotte



Yoga Teacher

Sebastien is the owner of Ibiza Hot Yoga Studio on the beautiful white island (Ibiza), where he has been living since 2004. He got his first experience with yoga on the island when he tried Bikram Yoga and he absolutely fell in love with this practice. Because Sebastian loved the Bikram practice and his teacher needed more help teaching students he decided to go to the teacher training with Bikram Choudhury himself in Hawaii in 2007.

This was the hardest experience of Sebastian’s life! Teacher Training was hard, tough and difficult, but it allowed him to understand how to teach this yoga in a particular and modern style. Sebastien teaches Ashtanga Vinyasa too , he studied with Caroline Klebl in Costa rica in 2008. Through these two different practices, he helps his students to change their way of life, making students discover who they really are and what they really are able to do. Currently Sebastian is teaching full time at Hot Yoga Ibiza and his spirit & passion is setting the growing Community of yoga on the island a light!