Eating raw foods for yoga

Hello beautiful fab people

I have been eating raw for 5 days now and I’m feeling great!  4 years ago I ate raw food for 6 months and I was in the best physical, mental and spiritual condition.  Raw foods are full of enzymes. Enzymes help us to absorb nutrients into our system.  On a spiritual level I feel very connected to myself and the world around me.

I love eating plant based foods and this has just taken it to a fantastic level of purification for my being by eating the the higher energy/ more awakened foods.  Eating raw foods for yoga practice brings alignment and awareness.

I am going to eat like this for the whole of January and also take it with us to California and Mexico.

Today I have had a GREEN ZWONGA of a smoothie for brekkie

Spring greens Coco water, pineapple, apple and a mejool date

Amy Wells Yoga Raw Saul x x

For lunch a Chocolate Smoothie

Almond Milk, banana, cocoa powder, dates

and I have brought a selection of fruits and veggies to the yoga studio this afternoon. including the lettuce in the photo! lol

The bet thing is my builder boyfriend/husband to be Saul (the one guzzling the smoothie in the photo) is eating the same way too – such a beautiful experience to  go through together :)

Tomorrow I’m making some raw falafels and the next day a raw pizza! YIPPPPPPEEE

Get in touch if you like eating this way/ want to know more about it.

Love to you all xxxxxxxxx

Amy x x x x x xx x x

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