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This Is An Aside

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Sensing the Seasons Winter Edition

Sensing the Seasons Winter Edition Through every season our mind and body go through an important transformation this is tailored to the oncoming seasonal conditions. Through the winter season an emotional shift occurs, particularly when the light and warmth reduces and the cold and dark encroaches into our day forcing a depression in our outlook. […]

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Nam Egestas Ornare

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Nina Hartley Nutrition

Nutrition to Boost Your Yoga Practice

How we can increase our body and brain with foods and certain practice for your yoga journey   Your body and mind perform best when fueled by healthy and satisfying foods.  Our goal of using foods to help increase flexibility, brain function and overall health will give you the strength and energy for your asana […]

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Feel Fab Yoga Teacher Juice!


On our Ibiza Feel Fab Retreats we make the most amazing smoothie that everyone falls head over heels in love with!! IBIZA SPARKLE JUICE We drink this smoothie as a morning ritual… It’s whAMmed full of nutrients we need for the daily hot yoga and just generally shining from the inside out. So many of […]

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love sick in LA

Our first 24 hours in yoga paradise LA has been truly beautiful x Conscious food Jet lag deep sleeps Candlelight Pranayama Venice beach walks and handstands Love sign almond coffee Fruit haul Smoothie retreat planning Santa Monica monkey swings Hot power yoga – schamZing handstand playing Now for 26 hot and out for some YUM […]

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you must eat salad everyday ..... x x x

Eating raw foods for yoga

Hello beautiful fab people I have been eating raw for 5 days now and I’m feeling great!  4 years ago I ate raw food for 6 months and I was in the best physical, mental and spiritual condition.  Raw foods are full of enzymes. Enzymes help us to absorb nutrients into our system.  On a […]

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Honesty and Truth with Hari Har Ji

Nina and I went to a stunning workshop on Saturday with Hari Har Ji, our Kundalini guru with some FAB yogis at Shaura’s amazing yoga pad. So…. Honesty and truth is something I am working with at the moment within the Yamas of the 8 limb path, this workshop was inspiring and gave me a huge energetic […]

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workshop sadhana

Nina Hartley

Seasonal Cooking

In this current financial health aware climate everybody wants tasty, healthy ingredients that go easy on the wallet. One way to achieve this would be to try seasonal cooking. This means to cook with appropriate fruit and vegetables that are in season in the country you are in. It can help boost the economy, improve your health and help stop supermarkets being so dominant effectively destroying small independent grocers or stalls. This positive, guilt-free consumerism can be gained all in a change of habit, to source local seasonal produce.

There are tonnes of reasons for buying seasonal produce but there is a prominent commonality that most of us just don’t know what to buy and when. Admittedly it is not easy to eat the healthy balance that we are driven to do, so here are some simple ways to help this: –


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Welcome to our new website

We have been working with a local website designer in Sheffield who has helped us with design and developed us this great new website. Carl Smart Online

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